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Langley Park Website

A post Mining village re-inventing itself and the home of many Ex_Miners

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Support your local businesses

Spend locally and help us create new 'long-term' jobs in our village, as it used to be

Read here about Mary Portas Government Report about Small Businesses >>>


New Book on Langley Park from a 'son' of Langley Park

The Bootlace Boys - by Eric Collinson - LangleyPark.eu

What a day !

The Olympic Games 2012 8,000 miles Torch Route,

went through Langley Park on 16 June 2012

The Olympic Games 2012 8,000 miles Torch Route,

Support your local businesses

Spend locally and help us create new 'long-term' jobs in our village, as it used to be

Read here about Mary Portas Government Report about Small Businesses >>>


Digital TV is 'finally' coming to County Durham


Well, it was already here, they only need to switch off analogue and raise Digital

According to a BBC engineer we contacted a long time ago:

Transmitter Power from the current 10% to the acceptable/needed level for our region.

Power was kept at 10% to avoid disturbing Analogue transmissions and other type of interference.

More info here at Digital UK website [opens in a new page]

It will happen in 2 stages:

Stage 1: 12th September 2012 - BBC2 will stop broadcasting its analogue services

Stage 2: 26th September 2012 - all other analogue channels will be switched off


Do not alarm yourself: if you do not have Digital services yet, you can get help here:

0845 650 50 50


You do not need to buy a new TV, only an external receiver - OEP and other categories may be entailed to free help !


Wish to know what our Local Langley Park and Esh Parish Council is doing for you?
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Want to know how it works and how they manage 'our money' or wish to be one of them?
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and the village as it was?
Let us know and we will publish it on our website - click here!

Langley Park from ESH

...more pictures added >>>

1. Low-energy bulb disposal warning - a old BBC News article


2. Here - where to recycle them locally

Warning to Dog Owners - Xylitol can kill your dog!

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Langley Park Colliery young workers - circa 1939 Langley Park Colliery, opened in 1876, grew a lot after the 1890' and played a large part in the company's activities. It was raising about 1/6 of the company's total tonnage of coal and employed about 1/5 of the firm's colliery employees...
Langley Park has grown over the years as new housing estates have been built.
Numerous facilities are present such as: a nursery, infant and junior school, post office, two nursing homes, neighbourhood office, many shops and a industrial estate.
Our village was originally a mining village and still has a large mining community which has integrated well with the newcomers to the village.
New inhabitants have come to the village, mainly young professionals with children, who commute to other areas for work.

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